San Fedelino


SAN FEDELINO - Sandblasted/Brushed


The San Fedelino is a granite coming from Novate Mezzola, in the province of Sondrio (Italy). The rock presents fine grain. Its colour is CLEAR-GREY. Its features mean that it is ideal for all interior and exterior applications.


Photographs of the materials are provided as visual reference only. The actual material, as a product of nature, is subject to some variation in color and pattern.

    Physical / mechanical characteristics:

  • Weight per unit of volume:
  • Imbibition coefficient:
  • Ultimate tensile strength with flexing:
  • Relative coefficient of friction with a tribometer (ref. to San Fedelino):
  • Petrographic definition:

(Average values)

  • 2630 Kg/mc

  • 2,38%

  • 17,3 MPa

  • 1

  • granit

The technical data should be considered as indicative in nature. However, we in no way certify to the accuracy of this information as it may incomplete or inaccurate.